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Puffed, Pellets Chips

Discover our range of CHIPS on different delicious tastes. Chips savory soufflés, rich in protein, iron, calcium with vitamin A, ideal for the growth of young people...


«Cooking state of the art,» we want to contribute to your culinary talent by offering the Best Tomato concentrate 100% natural. Although focused, beautiful color and good flavor to the success of your dishes....

Coated peanets

Aperitifs, appetizers, crisp you to "distill" fun. Peanuts coated with wheat flour, sweet and salty. Rich in proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and dietary fiber. The content of 412 Kcal...

Sugar and yeast

Sugar naturally fragrant vanilla extract. Excellent for desserts, cakes, donuts, yogurt, juice costs .... Our chemical Yeasts are ideal to lift your pasta...

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